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HIPAA Compliance Program Requirements

The Office of Civil Rights requires entities to have a properly developed HIPAA Compliance Program which is focused on protecting the privacy of patients and their Protected Healthcare Information. Some of the requirements of a HIPAA Compliance Program are;

  1. Designate the following Compliance Officers
    1. Privacy
    2. Security
    3. Complaint
    4. Compliance
  2. Conduct a Security Risk Analysis of practice or organization
  3. Have HIPAA Compliance manual which is separate from the
  4. OIG Compliance manual
  5. Have written policies and procedures
  6. Have computer security measures in place
  7. Notice of Privacy Statements
  8. Compliant procedure notice
  9. Training and education for employees and staff
  10. Note: The above list is not inclusive of the all requirements necessary for an effective and compliant compliance program.

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