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Compliance Program Guide

Your COMPLIANCE MANUAL is a living document. It is not something you put on a shelf and think you have met requirements. You have to feed it! This booklet is how to create your compliance program.

Your compliance program takes time to build. It will not be done overnight. This program is designed to build your program over several months.. It is done in small doses so the employees have time to understand it and enact the necessary changes. Training should be reviewed on an annual basis as well as when changes are needed.

As you evolve in your practice, your policies and procedures should too. These changes are to be updated in your compliance manual.

A compliance program that is not enforced may create greater liability. The burden is on the practice to demonstrate the operational effectiveness of their compliance program. Follow the guidelines of planning, training and maintaining your compliance program.

The COMPLIANCE PROGRAM GUIDE will take you through the steps to create a program that meets the Federal Sentencing Guidelines to formulate your plan.

The Guide includes: Federal OIG and Medicaid Guidelines, Code of Conduct, suggested Policies and Procedures, documentation guidelines, employee training.

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